The purpose of the BFIS is to promote restore, preserve, protect and support the Arts in our schools.  The BFIS is an educational organization whose goals include becoming the flagship program and an arts hub for the District. 


The Batiste Family International School of Fine and Performing Arts®wasfounded by Paul A. Batiste.  PAUL BATISTE is the founder of the Batiste Brothers Bandâ a/k/a The  Batiste Family®.  The Batiste Brothers Bandâ is one of New Orleans’ most popular bands.  In 1965, Batiste and the family performed at his first major show at the Apollo Theatre. Furthermore, he has toured in the US and abroad, including three tours of Japan.  He is the composer of the 1982 “Freeze” album, the 1990 “Spice” CD and the 1995 “New Orleans Music” CD, including the 1985 hit single “New Orleans Music” by the Batiste Brothers Band and later the Rebirth Brass Band.  In addition, Paul is part composer of the 1970 hit single “Funky Soul Part 1 & 2.”  Also, he wrote the songs “It’s All About The Family”, “It’s On (The Jam Is On), and “Jamizon” of Magic.  Moreover, Paul Batiste has been an educator since 1978.  Also he served in the United States Army.  Currently, He is guitar teacher and band director for the first-ever marching band at Sophie B. Wright Charter School.  


Our Vision is to develop programs that are designed to have musicians collaborate with teachers in a spirit of innovation and creativity.  Musicians and other artists will receive Professional Development to enhance their ability to work with methods, lesson plans, curriculum maps, and young musicians.  In addition, our Dance program will utilize lessons that teach subject matter thru movement.  The theatre group incorporates drama, history and music in a way that will promote learning excitement and fun.  The Visual Arts program will reflect the famous architecture of our great city.  Our Business courses are a unique approach to the underserved music industry.  In a like manner, we will design a Recording Studio and teach engineering.


I am truthful, trustworthy, respectful, responsible, prepared, educable, willing to learn, capable and productive.  I will honor my parents and guardians.  I will honor the school colors and wear them with pride.  I will attend school every day with dignity.  I will begin the day with a clean body and mind.  I will live in harmony with my fellow students-locally and internationally to foster love and goodwill.  I am a tradition, I am honest and consistent.  I am a student of the Batiste Family International School of Fine and Performing Arts®.  




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